● 1971 July
  Echo Giken was established in Oku, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo in order to design
  and produce the air purifier, draft chamber, and so on.

●1987 July
  Re-established as one of the subsidiary corporations of KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD,
  our long-term experiences and skills were able to develop and strengthen,
  therefore, all of our business were elevated as a new leaf.

●1988 July
  Founded a factory in Akishima-city, Tokyo. Started to design, produce and sell the auto
  cleaning equipment as our main products for semiconductor industry.

●1990 February
  CAD system was introduced for the purpose of improving, expediting and optimizing
  the design system.

●1995 November
  The Head office and factory were moved to Shinmachi, Oume-city in order to expand
  our business.

●1996 January
  Following our business expansion, set up a research and development group for
  the new products development.

●2007 March
  Upgraded the clean room.

●2007 November
  ISO14001:Acquired 2004 certification.

●2011 July
  First 450mm wafer cleaning equipment shipped out.

●2014 April
  Reconstructed the intra-office server to the latest OS model and updated
  the LAN connection system.

Below is the transition of the diameter of wafer. As you can see, we has spent time along with the transition of it. We believe the times of 450㎜ wafer is coming soon.

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