WATERLYZER RD-300 series.
RD-300 Infrared standard type (made by KURABO)
Providing the reasonable price even if functions are simplified and precision is kept.

  • Unifying between a measuring instrument and a data processor, compacting and the reasonable price have been realized.
  • It automatically cancels some errors of measuring object such as an accompaniment of production site.
  • This is just an intelligent sensor with the microcomputer inside it.
RD-300F Fiber model (made by KURABO)
Installing in a tight space or high temperature atmosphere is made possible.

  • Because the glass cell is separated from its optical system, the flexibility of measurement becomes widened
  • Because temperature and humidity can be easily controlled with the part of the cell, high precise measurement becomes possible.
RD-300D The model of infrared for a diluted solution (made by KURABO)
The distinguished influence is demonstrated for the measurement of PPM order diluted solution.

  • Because highly efficient improvement is made to RD-300, the PPM order measurement is realized.
  • Highly efficient response and continuous measurement with liquid flowed are possible.
RD-320 Ultraviolet model (made by KURABO)
Ozone and hydrogen peroxide etc. can be measured with ultraviolet absorbance.

  • It can measure well the component of ozone or hydrogen peroxide to have strong ultraviolet absorbance though infrared one is very weak.
  • It can measure the concentration of very small amount of organic matter as impurities in that liquid.


WATERLYZER RD-500・700 series
RD-500 High efficient model (made by KURABO)
The measuring part is divided from the data processor, remarkable sensing environment is realized.

  • This is the standard type of our infrared liquid content analyzer. High precision is realized by KURABO original technique.
  • External control is very easy because of separating the measuring part from its data processor. The display is equipped, too.
RD-510H/520H Hybrid model (made by KURABO)
Visible and ultraviolet measuring functions are equipped with it as a base of RD-500H, so high efficiency is maintained and application range is widened.

  • The two kinds of spectroscope are compiled between infrared & ultraviolet(RD-520H) and infrared & visible(RD-510H)
  • By using two kinds of ray, the measuring range is widened to the contents that is very tough to be measured by infrared until now.
RD-500H High precision model (made by KURABO)
This is the greatest among WATERLYZER series and the biggest effort of KURABO technics.

  • Many kinds of new technology are included, one rank up of accuracy improvement is realized, compared with our previous performance. It well suits the case to demand the measurement accuracy of 1 rank up compared with RD-500.
  • The factors of measurement error are excluded as much as possible, high resolutions and stability are realized.
  • It is the inline type to have easy connections with a production line within a sampling part.
  • It also has a disktop type.
RD-701 High function integrated model (made by KURABO)
The measuring part and data processor of RD-500 are united.

  • A display, simple keyboard and an external input/output terminal are equipped with the measuring part.
  • RD-500 functions are compacted well.
  • All teflon cell can be equipped with it for the use of hydrofluoric acid.
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