Management policy

1.Comprehensive production system
   We, Echo Giken, offer the customized applicable manufacturing according to
  customers’ specifications and demands. The whole processes from design,
  development, assembling, inspection, installation and maintenance or
  improvement to the product completed are controlled by us.
   This production system not only makes it possible to offer the products
  which meet most of the requirements of the customers, but also accomplish
  to provide the products with stable quality and on time delivery.

2.The most suitable setting
   Echo Giken can deal with all designs, such as electricity, mechanism
  and software by us. Our design proposal which adopts as many as specification
  requirements from the customers can be achieved by this comprehensive design
  system. Besides, by using our own developed software, we are able to offer
  the flexible design proposal and the competitive price.

3.Corporate culture
   Because of our root of the corporate culture, Echo Giken always take the action
  to solve the customers’ problems from their point of view and take it as our priority.
  Through our services, we are confident that they can feel our “customer first”

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